Trouble bubble girl

Trouble Bubble Girl

Trouble Bubble Girl is Heloise's superhero alter ego.


Trouble Bubble Girl wears a white long sleeved shirt with a pink collar and a pink heart printed on it. There are purple stars on her pink gloves, and she also wears a mini purple skirt that appears to be overtop an existing pink skirt underneath. She wears purple glasses, pink heart earrings, and what seems like some sort of crown with a heart in the centre. Her cheeks are tinted with some pink blush and her ponytail is dyed a light pink. Usually she also carries around her bubble wand.


Trouble Bubble Girl's weapon is a wand that has the ability to shoot bubbles. It is yellow, with a pink heart and a purple tube on top where the bubbles shoot out of. The bubbles aren't like regular bubbles, they are quite difficult to pop at times as they can bounce around like bouncy balls, stand Power Squid's ink and also trap things inside of it.