Sherm Cohen



Sherm Cohen is a Jimmy Two-Shoes crew member


  • I Totally Shredded My Cheese! (Director)
  • Cellphoneitis (Writer, voice of Chicken)
  • The Product Tester (Writer)
  • Jimmy Gets a 'Stache (Voice of Rudolfo)
  • Scent of a Heinous (Writer)
  • Dance Jimmy Dance (Director, voice of Rudolfo)
  • Wish You Were'nt Here (Writer)
  • I Married A Weevil (Writer, voice of Reggie)
  • Mount Misery (Director, voice of Reggie)
  • Invasion of the Weevils (Writer, voice of Reggie)


  • The chicken
  • Rudolfo
  • Reggie Weevil

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