The second season first aired on Teletoon/Télétoon on September 9th 2010

Season 2
Network Télétoon,Teletoon
First aired September 9, 2010 (Canada)
October 30, 2010 (United States)
Last aired April 5, 2012 (Canada)
July 15, 2011 (United States)

List of EpisodesEdit

Season 2Edit

  1. Dance Jimmy Dance
  2. Jimmy And Beezy On The Run
  3. Beezy J. Genius
  4. My Best Friend's A Weavil
  5. Air Force None
  6. Panda-Monium
  7. You Can't Keep A Heinous Down
  8. The Terrific Trio
  9. Spring Broke
  10. Zombie Pickle
  11. Bad Luck Jimmy
  12. Misery Hearts
  13. High School Mule-sical
  14. Heloise Schmeloise
  15. Jimmy New-Shoes
  16. What's Up With Heloise?
  17. Everyone Can Whistle
  18. Heads Will Roll
  19. She Loves Me
  20. Heinous vs. Clowns
  21. Bird Brained
  22. The Mysterious Mr.Ten
  23. Heloise's Secret Admirer
  24. Miseryville Marathon
  25. Lucius Lost
  26. Something About Herman
  27. A Present For Jez
  28. Funny Face-Off
  29. Samy's New Gig
  30. The Clean Sneak
  31. Six Over Seven
  32. The Outsiders
  33. The Great Horn Fairy
  34. The Collectors
  35. The Hooded Chicken
  36. Make No Allowences
  37. Generation Text
  38. Snowrilla
  39. Going Green
  40. My So-Called Loaf
  41. Better Sweater
  42. Jimmy on the Spot
  43. Jimmy Life Goal
  44. Heinous On Ice
  45. Toast Busters
  46. Beezy 2.0
  47. Weavil Day
  48. Heloise's Rival
  49. Bubble Poodle
  50. Cerbee Come Home
  51. Good Old Jimmy
  52. Slime, Slimier, Slimiest

Differences from Season 1Edit

  • Season 2 has a new theme song.
  • Jimmy uses expressions that never appeared in Season 1.
  • Heloise's crush on Jimmy is more obvious
  • Characters, such as Rudolfo appear more often, whom only appeared in a few season 1 episodes.
  • Mt Misery looks different.
  • Lucius' feet are different (in season 1, his feet were shaped like his shoes.)
  • Misery Inc. looks different.
  • Rudolfo has a son named Peep that was never mentioned till this season.
  • Heloise has her mermaid swimsuits on 3 episodes. Air Force None, Lucius Lost, & The Hooded Chicken.

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