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MyseryvilleLogo2 Rudolpho MyseryvilleLogo2
Personal Information
Gender Male
Species Monster
Family Peep (son)
Residence Miseryville
Production Information
First Appearance Jimmy Gets a 'Stache
Voiced by Juan Chioran

Rudolpho usually pops up to sell stuff to Jimmy and the others, however most of his merchandise is broken.


  • He has a son called Peep.
  • He has been fused with Jimmy (as seen in a flashback).
  • Tiny isn't on his head in any of the episodes after Jimmy Gets a 'Stache.
  • He speaks with a cockney accent.
  • Since his son's real name is Jamie 2-Squirrels, it is inferred that Rudolpho's last name is also 2-Squirrels.


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