Heinouses numbered copy


Lucius the 2 (son)

Lucius the 3 (grandson)

Lucius the 4 (great grandson)

Lucius the 5 ( great great grandson)

Lucius the 6 (great great great grandson)

Lucius Heinous the 7 ( great great great great grandson)

Beezy J. Heinous ( great great great great great grandson)

Heinous 1

Lucius Heinous I

Lucius Heinous the 1st (or Lucius, Sr.) is the former ruler of Miseryville and possibly the founder of the town.

Unlike the next 6 generations of Heinous, Lucius the 1st was quite tall, perhaps bigger than a normal person, had massive antler like horns, angular features, red skin, a pencil mustache and wore a pinstripe suit; and because of this he bares a closer resemblance to an actual devil than the rest of his family.

All the other generations of his family fear him more than anything else.

He was frozen by his son Lucius the 2nd.

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