Ladies in bikinis are seen every time in the backround of the Miseryville Beach. Their skin is pink and their bikinis and hair are normally striped green, though in Scent of A Heinous, there was a turquoise/blue and periwinkle/purple version of them. Usually only one is seen a time but in Jimmy Matchmaker about five of them appear at the same time.


  • They always appear in the background, never with any dialogue.
  • Their only known quote is "EEEKKKKK!!!"


  • Jimmy Matchmaker (background)
  • Heat Blanket Jimmy (background)
  • Scent of a Heinous (background)
  • A Cold Day In Miseryville (background)
  • Spring Broke (Season 2, background)
  • What's up With Heloise? (Season 2, background)

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