Jimmy Two-Shoes has had 2 opening theme songs so far. They are sung by a rock singer for the most part, though season 2 has lines by a chorus of individuals, Heloise, Beezy and Lucius VII thrown in.

Season 1: Jimmy Gets AroundEdit

Season 1 Title Card

Season 1 Title Card

Let's go, to a party
Go, go, go crazy
Hey, hey, hey, Jimmy Two-Shoes!
Hey! Hey! Jimmy! (JIMMY!)
I just wanna, I just wanna have some, some fun
Just like everyone,
I just want to really tear down town,'down town'
Jimmy gets around'!
Hey! Hey! Jimmy! (JIMMIIEEE!)

Season 2: Jimmy's Gonna Be Your Best Friend Edit

Jimmy Two-Shoes: Hup-ba-ba-da ba-da ba-dadada!

Singer: He ain't from round here, you know what I mean?
Season 2 Title Card

Season 2 Title Card

Chorus: Hup-ba-ba-da ba-da ba-dadada!
Singer: Jimmy's gonna be your best friend, that's guaranteed!
Chorus: Hup-ba-ba-da ba-da ba-dadada!
Singer: He's gonna turn your misery frown UP-SIDE DOWN!

Heloise: Hey, Jimmy! Uh wuuuhuuhuuh!
Beezy: Yo, Ji-may! Yeah, yeah, yeah, YEAH!

Bad news, nothin' left to lose,
Two-Shoes! Kickin' out the blues!
Outside the sun's still shining,
and there's no use in whining!
Two-Shoes! Kickin' out the blues!
(Tuba plays)

Lucius Heinous VII: "Twooo-Shoooes!"

Jimmy: No way!
Beezy: Way!

Beezy: Check out this buffet!"
Jimmy: Those are just rocks.
Beezy: All you can eat rocks!

Beezy: Tum Tum! Tum Tum Tum Tum!
Jimmy: "Ooh! Uuh!"

Heloise with a Jimmy puppet: Your ponytail is awesome!
Chorus: Hup-ba-ba-da ba-da ba-dadada!

Jimmy: Pranked!

Lucius: What's going on with these kids?

Singer: "He's gonna turn your misery frown RIGHT-SIDE ROUND!"
Chorus: "Hup-ba-ba-da-da-da-dadada Hup-ba-ba-da-DA!"

Lucius Heinous VII: (echoing and offscreen after song is done) "Twooo-Shoooes!"

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