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Jimmy shrine

The Jimmy Shrine


Heloise's shrine that is dedicated to her love for Jimmy.

Season 1Edit

  • It was hidden behind Heloise's skull bookcase and fireplace (Fused Together, Pet Rocky, Best Bud Battle).
  • Heloise has a seperate room that also contained Jimmy items (Jimmy in the Big House).
  • The Jimmy Statue was made of wax.
  • The Jimmy Shrine was almost seen by Jimmy twice.
  • Dorkus discovered it but his mind was wiped.

Season 2Edit

  • Has made only one appearence so far.
  • Appears to be behind a door this time.
    Jimmy Shrine 2

    The shrine in Season 2

  • Heloise destroyed the shrine and it has yet to be seen rebuilt (Heloise Schmeloise).
  • Wax Statue of Jimmy is now made of gold.

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