When the Heinous Gala comes, Jimmy finds former stars for the Heinous Gala. But Beezy finds a semi-former star that is a singing mule. Beezy makes a flashback all about the Heinous Gala for his father. Beezy makes the mule a star. Jimmy isn't a star. He talks with Heloise about the singing mule. Heloise said it was a trick for her invention called the mostly spite, but makes the singing mule into a normal mule. A trailer of the Heinous Gala makes everyone think the mule is a fake like Lucius said later. In the other day, Jimmy talks with Heloise that her invention, mostly spite needs to make the mule into a singing mule again. In the Gala, the mule starts talking over Jimmy. They make another thing besides the mule into play.

The title is a reference to "High School Musical"

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