Good Old Jimmy
Season 2
Production code 226a
Written by Shelley Hoffman,

Robert Pincombe, Josh Gal

Airing Information
Disney XD Premiere March 29, 2012
Teletoon (English) Premiere March 29, 2012
Télétoon (French) Premiere July 15, 2011

Summary Edit

Jimmy always old switch with Lucius.

Plot Edit

When Jimmy started to yelled and Beezy someone Jimmy upset to older, Heloise stuff doing things to more science to make Jimmy older. Lucius chase Jimmy exercise to stuff. They went to the Movie. What at car crashes like piece a junk. And making older again. Lucius run Miseryville home Sammy in their i saw King Beezy. Jimmy back normal into new young.

Characters Edit

  • Jimmy
  • Beezy
  • Heloise
  • Lucius
  • Sammy
  • Giant Molotov

Trivia Edit

  • Jimmy and Lucius to special offer Heloise's Old Switch

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